Famous artists banned in some countries


While music has always been used as a mean of expressing one’s values, feelings, and beliefs, throughout the history there have been many moments in which the music of a certain artist or band was banned because it didn’t correspond to the local politics.

Nowadays, most of the countries are democratic, meaning their people can freely access different types of music until they find that one artist or band that represents everything they stand for. From political messages to funny songs and those specifically used for partying or having a good time, there is no denying that music does make the world go round, as long as people have free access to all its contents.

Unfortunately, not all countries agree with the artists’ way of expressing their mind and consider some of their songs, if not the entire repertory, as unworthy of their people. Here is a list of famous artists that were banned due to their songs or political views in some countries.


Snoop Dogg

The famous rapper is known for his colored vocabulary and constant use of illegal substances, so it comes as no surprise that some of his songs or lyrics are not liked. However, it is his reckless behavior and multiple convictions that got him banned from the United Kingdom, Australia, and even Norway for a couple of years.


The Beatles

Probably the most popular artist ban in the history remains the incident occurred with The Beatles back in the 1960s. The band unintentionally snubbed the First Lady of the Philippines which led to locals rioting against the British band. The Beatles ended up being chased away by the locals, and they even had to refund some of their concerts.

After the incident, the band was never asked to play again in the Philippines, while some other people claim that the British band was in fact banned for good.


Amy Winehouse

Another example of Brits gone wild was the soul singer Amy Winehouse. Due to her tumultuous background for substance and alcohol abuse, she was banned from entering the United States in 2007 and 2009.

Because she was arrested for drug possession in Norway, she wasn’t granted the visa to enter the United States, ending up missing the Grammy Awards where she was due to perform.


Bob Dylan

The famous singer and songwriter was banned from China because of his links with Chinese counterculture that fight for liberating the country from the claws of communism. His previous songs included topics such as revolution and social protests which were obviously not liked by the Chinese authorities.

As a result, the singer was banned from performing in Shanghai and Beijing, which later affected his Asian tour, determining him to cancel his concerts in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea.

Ultimately, Dylan was allowed to perform in China as long as the officials had his full playset in advance.