Things you should know before starting a vinyl collection


Not many people are fond of vinyl records because it’s easier and faster to download an app on the smartphone and pay a monthly subscription that gives you access to unlimited music. However, there’s something magical when listening to vinyl music. Not only does it sound different it allows you to have a hobby. You can start searching for cool records, go to music fairs and festivals, and meet people that share the same passion as you do.

The only possible drawback is that vinyl records are hard to find in a good shape. Furthermore, keeping them in a proper condition requires a great deal of devotion. If you’re willing to spend some serious time taking care of them, you might want to start buying vinyl for your collection.

We all know that vinyl provides a crisper sound compared to regular CDs and MP3’s. Nevertheless, the modern headphones available on the market are able to play music at the same way high-end music studios do. So, it’s more about having the opportunity to hold the record in your hands.

In case you didn’t know, there are two types of vinyl records. Typically, you’ll find either 7’’ pieces which are singles or 12’’ records that contain a full music album.

Once you’ve established that vinyl records are your thing, you need to consider purchasing a great turntable. Fortunately, there are different items to choose from and many of them are quite affordable.

You need to think what turntable suits your personal needs and style. It’s important to own a tool that is able to improve your music hearing experience. It all comes down to the way you’re used to hearing the music. If you have an excellent talent for music, you’ll clearly need some top-notch turntable. Otherwise, a model that doesn’t cost a fortune and has the basic features is all that you need. There’s really no need to get a DJ turntable if you only listen to your vinyl from time to time when you want to lay back and relax.

Speaking of sound, you might want to consider a good pair of speakers. Indeed, you don’t really need them when playing records on the turntable. However, if you would like to invite some friends over for a small gathering or if you need to throw a party at your house, you’ll see a notable difference. Nevertheless, avoid bad tools or ones that have poor sound quality because they can distort the sound of music even if your turntable is great and the vinyl is in excellent shape. Don’t overlook the audio connector and make sure you buy the one suitable for your turntable.